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Monogram Information & Etiquette

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Monogram Etiquette

Traditional: A traditional monogram starts with a large center initial for the family (last) name and is flanked by the first name initial on the left and the middle name initial on the right. For example, Mary Catherine Smith’s monogram would be MSC.


Woman/Man: A woman’s/man’s monogram is created with her/his last name as the large center initial, flanked by her/his first initial on the left and middle initial on the right. Alternatively, a married woman may choose to use her maiden name initial on the right instead of her middle initial.


Married Couple: A married couple’s monogram is created with their last name as the large center initial. The wife’s first initial becomes the left initial and the man’s becomes the right. For a same-sex couple, either first name initial may be on the left or the right.


Alternative Monogram Ideas: Monograms make things personal so if you’re an outside of the box type of person, give your monogram the same flair! Some ideas include a block monogram where all of your initials are in order and are the same height. For example, Mary Catherine Smith would be MCS in this instance. Another great idea is to make a “momogram-“ flank the last name initial with the first initial of each child, assuming there are 2 children. If there are three, do all of their first initials in any order that you choose!


We want your monogram to be as unique as you! Items will be created just as they are ordered so please double-check your inputs. If you’d like a proof before we make your item(s), just let us know and we would be happy to create one for you. Should you have any questions about creating your monogram, please email us at hello@belleandten.com before you order. We are here to assist!


Embroidery Options

Embroidery services will be added soon. Check back with us for details!